Thursday, May 21, 2009

Featured Seller - Lake Erie Beach Glass

What part of the world are you in?
I live on the Southern Shore of Great Lake Erie on a small strip of Pennsylvania land between Cleveland, Ohio and Buffalo, New York USA.

What does customer service mean to you?

Customer service, to me, means offering a quality product and a memorable experience for the customer that will keep them coming back to you and bringing their friends a long, too!

What is your most memorable experience with a customer?
I've had several but one particular customer sticks out in my mind. It was a custom order gift for her daughter and she was undecided on what to have made. She had seen a wire wrapped pendant in my shop and another piece with handmade chain. We worked together on the piece and ended up mutually creating the perfect gift for her daughter. They both loved it and still contact me to remind me! I love to hear from my customers!

What sets you apart from other sellers who are selling similar items?

The sea glass community is large and vast but very close! We all seem to know each other well. We learn from each other and share ideas about customer service, quality standards, and more. So, I would say that I am similar to my commrades. I do put my entire self into my pieces and try to be artistically different. It is very important to me to have made a product that is going to last and my customer is going to be happy. I stand behind my products.

How did you learn the skills that make you successful today?

I am mostly a self taught artist but have received help from my other artistic friends and have participated in workshops for metalsmithing in my local and regional area. Drilling glass was learned by trial and error. I can't even count how many pieces of sea glass I've broken over the years! I laugh and then cry!

What is your goal for the next year?

We are currently working on self publishing a book on the history of sea beach glass that is relevant to our area. The book will contain chapters on ship wrecks in the Lake as well as what industry specifically is responsible for delivering the glass that we find. We have including an extensive section on pattern identification, pottery, and maker's marks. There will be a spectrum color chart for easy identification and information about specific beaches. This has been a long term project and we are super exciting to be releasing the book this year at the 2009 North American Sea Glass festival in Erie, Pa!

What keeps you motivated when sales are slow?

I go to the beach with my family and beachcomb! The experiences we share at the beach are always motivating and memorable!

What do you do to attract new clients and encourage repeat business?

I am always looking to expand my website pressence by using social networking platforms like Facebook,Twitter and my own blog. I occassionally will offer sales or shipping discounts in my shop and during team promotions or team give aways as well as making sure I include something special for each of my returning customers!

If you could share one piece of advice with someone who is considering opening their own store of handmade items, what would it be?

Do it! Do it for yourself! If you have a craft that you can share, there is a market for it. It won't be easy and sometimes it can be down right frustrating but like the tides the business cycle will ebb and flow. There is such a large community of support with in the handmade community and you will make many friends who will help you a long in your venture. The handmade community wants you to succeed. You will not be a lone and you will be a happier person for doing it!

Do you have a special offer or promotion for our readers?


FREE SHIPPING of your purchase when this article is mentioned in the notes to seller section at store checkout!

Check out other stunning designs beach glass creations at Lake Erie Beach Glass! We love the smooth yet unique shapes of glass used in these earrings, necklaces and bracelets. These pieces would be a nice choice for a bride and her bridesmaids.

The piece featured in this post is entitled: Lake Erie Beach GREEN BUCKS HI ROLLER Genuine Sea Glass Necklace Set by Lebg, and is available for $100 USD for the set here.


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    Erin keys

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    ~Fellow Lake Erian,

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