Sunday, March 8, 2009


The application process to be featured on our blog are as follows and are completely FREE!

Featured Seller – To be a Featured Seller we require you to:

1. Send an email to with the subject "Featured Seller" and we will forward you the Featured Seller Questionnaire – a simple interview that we will post on the blog, along with one (1) photo of an item you would like accompanying your interview. We ask that the photo be clear, bright, and interesting to look at.

2. Send back the interview in the original .txt format and please include your: first name, store name and website address in the .txt file.

3. Try to have something extra and exciting to offer our readers! Maybe a contest or perhaps a special discount with promotion code? Give us all the necessary details so we can include it in your Featured Seller post.

Product Reviews - For a product review, we require you to:

1. Contact us at with the subject “Product Review”

2. Include your name, store name, website address, as well as a link to the product you’d like us to review.

3. Upon approval (we have allergies to certain products) you can send us the item and we will test it for one week, then we review it and send you our review BEFORE it is posted on the blog.

4. If you like our review and would like it posted just simply reply stating you’d like to go forward with the product review.

5. We will then require you to supply us with one (1) photo of the item being reviewed that you would like to have accompany our Product Review.

**Please note, any and all products sent to us for review will NOT be returned.

Shop Advertisement – In order to approve your ad, it must include:

1. 150x150 pixel wide photograph of your shop logo or a picture of a handmade item you sell

2. Your store name or URL

3. Email all of the above information to with the subject “Shop Advertisement”

$5 Deal of the Week – Promote a item you sell that is $5!

1. Your item must be $5.00 (no more, no less) however if it’s multiple items for $5, that’s okay too. (i.e. 2 lip balms for $5.00)

2. You must provide us with your store name, website address, name of the product, a photo and the url for the $5 item.

3. Email the above information to with the subject, “$5 Deal of the Week”

**Please note, our wait times vary but on average it takes about a week from the date of your submission to see your items on our website.

Are you a Not Bees…BEADS Customer? – We let our customers SHINE!
If you’ve bought jewelry making supplies from our online store and you’ve created a handmade piece, please send us! We will post it immediately!

A photo of the item
The name of the piece
Supplies you purchased from
Not Bees...BEADS, that you used to create your piece We will have it up on our site within 2 business days!!!! We LOVE cross promoting our supplies with your beautiful creations and it is the fastest and most freqway to be featured on our blog!


  1. You guys are great..I thank you so much for supporting independent artists and creators...Keep up the great work,the blog is awesome..

  2. What a great site!!! I am new to this etsy/blog thing so any marketing ideas are greatly appreciated. I found this site via Lorelei's blog. Lorelei is not only great to her customers she is very supportive of fellow sellers.

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