Thursday, April 16, 2009

Product Review - THE BEST Promo shop on Etsy-Self Production Design

We can't rave enough about this wonderful shop that every Etsy Seller should familiarize themselves with, Self Production Design.

SPD offers custom and premade design services, printing, and pdf collage sheets.

We've ordered from them a few times, once for 1" circle logo stickers, and another time for scratch cards. The logo stickers are brilliant, bright and fun! We stick them all over our orders when we send them out and run out quite quickly. SPD'd prices are so reasonable that I don't mind handing them out with all my orders, to friends, family, neighbours etc.

The scratch cards will offer our clients the chance to "scratch and win!" a discount savings that we pre-select. We are very excited to start offering this promo to our clients. It ensures repeat business and heck, it's just fun!

Keena, owner of SPD is a wonderful seller. She takes her time but is still somehow lightening fast at preparing our custom orders to our exact specifications. She's always very friendly, cheerful and positive. She gets out our orders right away and we receive them in only a few short days :)

We love that!
Her range of products includes: Business Cards, Stickers, Scratchcards, Postcards, Catalogue contact sheets, Bookmarks, We Ad Design, Address Labels, Thank You Cards, Product Tags, the list goes on and on!

Visit her shop, Self Production Design, at this link for a great deal and wonderfully speedy service with a virtual smile!


  1. Thanks for posting this! The scratch-off is a great idea. I design most of my own collateral materials but have been looking into someone else doing some things.

    Kristin :)

  2. Thanks so much, Jessie!

    In celebration of your fab review, we've decided to do a giveaway. Check out our blog. ;)