Thursday, February 5, 2009

40’S/50’S/60’s…Age has no boundaries when it comes to Style and Color!

Gold hoops and pearl stud earrings are what women my age wear.”
Have you ever said those words to someone, even though you were not convinced that it was true? I know I have. Well guess what ladies, we’re missing something. Age is not defined by anything other than how we feel within ourselves. Try one pair of lovely, colorful, sexy or fun earrings, and wait for the reactions. It will surprise you and lift your spirits when comments such as “fantastic earrings, I love the color” or “what’s different about you today, there’s real life in your eyes, what are you hiding?”

Take the challenge, and you’ll see the results from making small changes to your wardrobe and accessories. And a word of caution...once you try beautiful, colorful accessories, it may become addictive! Check out the many wonderful Jewelry Designers in the Etsy community for the Bling and Sparkle that will lift your spirits, add the pizzazz you’ve been looking for that suits your budget! There are no age boundaries when it comes to wearing something exciting that brings out your colorful and creative personality.

Go ahead and bring out that inner Spark~!!!


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