Monday, February 23, 2009

Meditation Offerings & Gemstones!

For many of us, meditation is an extremely important part of our lives. The space you choose for your meditation should be special, and located in an area where you can sit either on a meditation cushion or a chair comfortably, while enjoying your time alone.

If you have the ability to assign a personal space, where you can spend a few moments or longer, just enjoying the benefits that meditation brings to your body and your inner will understand the importance of adding items to your meditation area that would inspire you.

Often, a personal meditation space includes items that instill calmness, happiness and inspiration to continue your practice. Offerings are a small way to personalize and introduce a balanced environment. Pictures, incense, statues and Gemstones are often the "offerings of choice".

Gemstones, with their own beneficial Metaphysical Properties, can bring a grounded feeling to your practice, and is a wonderful way of giving back something precious during your meditation session. The beauty and natural essence of gemstones would be a wonderful addition to your surroundings.

Enjoy your quiet time!

*Bracelet shown: Gemstone Jade Fluorite Meditation Bracelet by VintageBohemian, available for $16.99.

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