Sunday, February 22, 2009

Featured Seller - Amberae (& The Harf)

what part of the world are you in?

I live in North America..... in the mountains... in a tiny house with two dogs, a husband and a rug rat.

what does customer service mean to you?

I believe customer service is pretty important. Getting items shipped as soon as possible is my #2 goal. I think its pretty important to be in contact with your customers. It lets them know they can trust you in an untrusting world.

What is your most memorable experience with a customer?

At this point, they are all memorable. I haven't had that many, but I appreciate every single one. I think its fun to see that people like my things. Maybe its silly, but its more important that people like what I make rather than making the $ from it.

What sets you apart from other sellers who are selling similar items?

Does anyone else make harfs? (MADE THAT Admin has never seen a Harf before, but we LOVE them! That's the reason we are featuring Amberae...just a little F.F - fun fact!) not sure, and they surely don't call them harfs b/c everyone makes fun of me for naming them such. I think its probably just the name of my silly product that sets me apart.

**(We will be back to buy a Harf Amberae, just so you know, we are just tight on funds at the moment, but we think everyone should own this multipurpose, cozy and funky looking item!!)**

How did you learn the skills that make you successful today?

My mom taught me crochet when i was probably about 12. so, i'm a crochet nut. but it caused me to have this obsession with yarn. I can't get over it. its intense. so i had to learn to knit and my sister tried to teach me. I about had a nervous break down trying to knit a scarf. then a couple years later my mother in law gave me a book on knitting baby hats. it just so happens 3 months after that i got pregnant. i guess i had some modivation to learn. then i couldn't stop knitting. i still can't. i always have a project going.

Do you have any formal training in your craft?
none at all.

What is your goal for the next year?

to be happy and to help my little family be happy... and to keep a clean house.... oh, you mean etsy? haha, ok, well, i just want to have a place for all of my creations to go. otherwise they'd be sitting around the house taking up space.

What keeps you motivated when sales are slow?

i don't mind slow sales, really. i've never had "fast" sales, but i just like making things.

What do you do to attract new clients and encourage re-occurring business?

er... chatting... i guess i just hope to get my product out there... but if it doesn't, no bother... i'm making good friends in the process.

If you could share one piece of advice with someone who is considering opening their own store of handmade items, what would it be?

just make what you love. don't try to make something that people will like. just make what you like and keep at it, perfect it... and the right kind of customers will find you.

Check out Amberae's etsy store for more great finds,

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