Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Featured Seller - Wild Rose Jewels

What part of the world are you from?
I am living in Red Deer Alberta, originally from Halifax Nova Scotia.

What does customer service mean to you?
Customer service is seeing a need and meeting it, making sure people walk away feeling happy with their experience.

What is your most memorable experience with a customer?
My most memorable experience with a customer on Etsy would have to be getting my first sale! I've only had one so far, so not too much to draw from in this area. But it sure made me feel great to know that someone else liked my work enough to spend money on it.

What sets you apart from other sellers who are selling similar items?
I think what sets my jewelery apart is that it is not trendy, you could wear it next week, next year, or ten years from now and still feel good about it. I'm all about classic style.

How did you learn the skills that make you successful today?
Do you have any formal training in your craft?

I have no formal training in jewelery making whatsoever, it's just something I've been playing around with.

What is your goal for the next year?
My goals for next year are to continue to create, to improve my shop, promote, promote, promote, and increase sales.

What keeps you motivated when sales are slow?

I stay motivated when sales are slow because I truly enjoy what I'm doing. I didn't start making jewelery to make my fortune, it just makes me happy to use my hands to make something beautiful. I enjoy the process. However, sales would be nice . . .

What do you do to attract new clients and encourage re-occurring business?
To encourage sales, I'm just trying to get myself out there, be seen. Alot of posting in the Etsy forums, Facebook, not to mention telling everyone I know.

If you could share one piece of advice with someone who is considering opening their own store of handmade items, what would it be?
To anyone wanting to start selling their own handmade items, I would say, just go ahead and do it! Jump right in. You will learn alot on the way, I'm learning new things everyday. That's half the fun.

Check out Wild Rose Jewels on their website www.wildrosejewels.etsy.com

Beautiful pieces Krista! Thanks for being a part of our blog. We wish you many sales in 2009 :)

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