Thursday, February 19, 2009

Petables - A Dog Treat Company

We don't currently own a dog, but funny enough we are going to see a puppy tomorrow thats for sale, so I think this post is appropriate!

Petables is a store on Etsy that caters to your pets, offering delectable treats and toys.

The photo to the right is a sampler pack of doggie goodies that (if we do get the dog tomorrow) you bet we will be buying our new pooch some of these adorable snacks!

For only $7.99 you pup can snack on these 4 different varieties, each bag containing 10-15 delicious homemade treats. That's a steal! You can bet its way more tasty and good for your dog than the stuff they sell at the grocery or pet store. Mans best friend deserves a healthy, delicious treat that Petables is happy to provide.

Check out their etsy store, located at

Petables, we will contact you for all our doggy treat needs of the near future!

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