Wednesday, February 11, 2009

KNITTING & CROCHETING - Benefits Galore!!

To create something with your hands is always rewarding. A creative mind, willing to learn and practice a skill, results in a "handmade" project to be proud of.

Knitting and Crocheting are two similar mediums that can produce projects ranging in size from booties to large Afghans. As knitters and crocheters know, the skill is easily learned and the benefits are worth the time and effort dedicated to the craft.

I have heard it said, that if the mind wants to knit, then knitting will produce happiness, which will in turn lead to a healthier life. Knitting and Crocheting promotes calmness, reduces stress levels and improves hand agility by increasing the flexibility of the fingers and hand muscles.

Using natural materials such as Alpaca and Sheep’s wool, creates a “back to nature” feeling, along with the positive feeling of accomplishment when a project has been completed.

So, to stimulate your creative and artistic side…try knitting and/or crocheting, which are fairly inexpensive hobbies, that can give you that "Handmade" pride feeling. Visit the wonderful Etsy suppliers who can help you choose the right materials and project to suit your skill level and interest. And remember to have fun!!

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