Saturday, February 7, 2009

Come on SPRING!

Winter 2009 will make us truly appreciate all of the wonderful gifts Spring and Summer have to offer. Warmer weather, bright sunshine and COLOR!! What’s more exciting than seeing the garden begin to grow with early blossoms such as Daffodils,Tulips and Crocus' displaying wonderful Reds/ Pinks/ Yellows/ Purples… vibrant colors make us feel happy. How often do you catch yourself smiling, when you look at budding garden's during a walk, or feel the sun warming your face on a Spring afternoon? COLOR in our wardrobe, accessories and homes, can make us feel even more alive during these wonderful seasons. Spring and Summer can inspire us to try something new in our color choice… beautiful baubles with that navy suite, or “bling” on the lobes. Add “flowers” to your life in the form of gemstones! Dress up a cool Tee with an awesome pendant or add pizzaz to office attire. The selection of jewelry and accessories available in the Etsy community, ranges from Fun/Whimsical to Classic/Elegant, at affordable prices. Each Artisan puts more than just materials and time into each piece...if you look again, you will see "heart and soul" as well. Jewelry to suit your personality and budget...that will make you smile!

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